Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope that everyone managed to enjoy some of the Easter sunshine, even if it was only on a daily

Now that we have had some further Government guidance that the Lockdown will continue, I know
some parents are becoming increasingly anxious about their children not attending school. I have
had several telephone calls asking if children can attend school as they are finding it very difficult at
home particularly ensuring that Home Learning continues
This is the Government Guidance that we have been given.

We have asked parents to keep their children at home wherever possible, and for schools to remain
open only for children who are vulnerable and for those children of workers critical to the
coronavirus (COVID-19) response who absolutely need to attend.
It is important to underline that schools, all childcare settings (including early years settings,
childminders and providers of childcare for school-age children), colleges and other educational
establishments, remain safe places for children. But the fewer children making the journey to school,
and the fewer children in educational settings, will protect the NHS and save lives by reducing the
risks of spreading the virus.

Schools, and all childcare providers, are therefore being asked to continue to provide care for a
limited number of children – children who are vulnerable, and children whose parents are critical to
the coronavirus (COVID-19) response and cannot be safely cared for at home.

School is currently open as an Emergency Provision only. Many of the parents who are Key
Workers don’t want their children to attend school but they are providing a vital service. Thank you
to those parents who are battling away to juggle everything at the moment. We understand the
stresses that this is putting on yourselves and your families. I have included a long but useful article
which is worth reading.

The gist of it is that….
”You really don’t have to live up to some mythical standard. You are an ordinary person, trying to
do your best in extraordinary times, as a parent, living in lockdown, with your kids — who are also
trying to do their best, cooped up with you.”
It also has some useful tips at the end of the article.

Fed up of being cooped up in lockdown with the kids? 15 Apr 2020

We have been making Rainbows in school and I am hoping that children have been making them
at home too and dropping them off at Asda. See below the request I put out last week.
Oliver in Year two has a mum working on the frontline in hospital. She has asked if children both in
school and at home could make some rainbows that could be put on the hospital wards. Perhaps
they could include messages of thanks and hope. We will collect the rainbows in school but we
don’t want to ask people to come out to school as this not a necessary journey. We have therefore
contacted ASDA in Burnley and asked to put a box in their stores. The Rainbow Box will be at the
Customer Service. The completed Rainbows can be dropped in the box. We will then collect the
box and make sure it gets to the hospital. Thankyou. Hopefully this will make staff and patients

Please keep in your prayers some of our families who have lost people during this period. Lila’s
(Y6) Grandad, John Boote and Jack and Cole’s Grandma, Valerie Kreuiter have passed away
recently. As we are not in school, we don’t always hear about Families’ celebrations or difficult
times. Please let school know if we can help in any way. Sometimes all we can do is keep you in
our prayers but this is important, especially as we are unable to grieve or celebrate in the normal
ways currently.

Please keep up the good work and Home Learning. The teachers have been sharing your good
work and we now have some photos on the website.
Home Learner’s Headteacher Awards for week commencing 6
th April. Look out for their
photographs on the school website!
R – Georgia Hargreaves
1 – Chloe Glass
2 – Finlay Edmondson
3 – Jacob Drabble
4 – Cole Simpson
5 – Olly Spencer
6 – Lila Butterworth

God Bless,
Bridget Parkinson (Headteacher)