Another whirlwind term. Our Year 6 children are  flying from St Mary Magdalene’s and spreading their wings, hopefully to continue sharing our mission statement of “Love One Another” at Blessed Trinity Catholic College.  We celebrated their time at St Mary Magdalene’s with a beautiful Leavers’ Assembly that certainly brought tears to eyes. We wish them all the best for the future and look forward to hearing about them on the next step of their journey.

We also have celebrated the end of year with a whole school Mass. The themes of the Mass were:  Giving thanks, changes and goodbye. We prayed for all the children who will be leaving St Mary Magdalene’s and also for Mrs Graham’s Mother who passed away         recently.

We held an Awards Ceremony yesterday. Lots of              children received awards for a variety of different things and not always for academic achievement. It was very difficult for the teachers to choose which children         received an award as lots of children have different         talents and have made lots of effort this year. I have been particularly amazed by a child who was very            disappointed last year at not receiving an award. He vowed that he would make sure that he got one this year….and he did!

The PTFA have done a sterling job this year and have raised the amazing total of £4000 which has bought  much needed resources for the school. A big thank you also to the PTFA as they organised and paid for an ice cream van to visit the school and provided everyone with ice-creams. Everyone enjoyed these in the                sunshine.

We also had a visit from CAFOD who shared an              Assembly about THE Pope’s message of Laudato            Si– Care for our common home. Then our  Reception class, Year one and Year two class made a big zero in the playground to represent the Super Zero Heroes who you will hear about in  September.

Lots of children celebrated the Behaviour Fair this week with a variety of activities. We did have some children who missed the Behaviour Fair as they didn’t have enough points. Hopefully they will be able to turn it around for next time. One of our Year 5 pupils was           determined not to miss out this time. She did so well that she scored the most points this time and  enjoyed a  lovely Afternoon Tea with me and 6 other children. Miss Taylor called in with baby Aurora so we had a real treat.