I am glad to see daffodils and snowdrops and some warmer weather as we enter into Spring. Lent begins next week and our preparations for Easter begin with a School Mass and distribution of Ashes on Wednesday 7th March at 11.00am at St Mary Magdalene’s Church. St Joseph’s School Parkhill will be joining us and all are welcome. If you are able to assist in walking the children to Church, please let the office know. This Sunday it is Family Mass at St Augustine’s Church at 9.30 am. The children involved in the Sacramental Programme should attend and be at Church at 9.15am. In addition, parents are required to attend three joint parent meetings over the course of the year. The next meeting is at St Mary Magdalene’s Church on Thursday 14th March at 7.00pm. Please note that the Reconciliation Service for the Year 3 children has now been moved from Thursday 21st March to Wednesday 27th March at 7.00pm as the 21st March is the date of the Last Choir Standing. The choir sound amazing at the moment. They are working hard to perform at the Last Choir Standing on Thursday 21st March. Mr Cairns is working his cotton socks off to ensure the children reach their potential and I am sure they will do us proud. Please come along and support the event. Tickets are on sale for the Muni Theatre you can book them via their Box Office or online at www.themuni.co.uk. You must book tickets as there is no guarantee they will be on sale on the night. There has recently been a great deal of publicity about inappropriate and pop-ups, challenges and games that children have been exposed to. We know, talking to the children that there has been a great deal of concern and anxiety. We continue to teach regular online safety in school and we hope that you are able to support us in ensuring that your children are safe when accessing all devices. A Governor has sent me this link which is a very useful website to help parents talk to their children and also some tips about how to make the devices as safe as possible. https:// www.saferinternet.org.uk/advice-centre/parents-andcarers/parents-guide-technology/tablets We are inviting parents in for Writing Workshops in the next couple of weeks. Please come along and see the work that the children are doing. March 5th 9.00am for Years 6,3, and 2. March 13th at 9.00an for EYFS, Year 1, 4 and 5. Parents’ Evening is also taking place on Wednesday 13th March for all year groups except Year 6. Their Parents’ Evening will take place on Tuesday 12th March. You will be receiving your appointment slips back at the beginning of next week.