Dear children,
I am very sorry that I am not in school at the moment. I am missing you all very
much. Unfortunately, one of my children who lives in my house has some
symptoms of this horrid virus that is causing lots of problems at moment. That’s
means that all the people who live in our house have to stay at home for 14 days in
order to keep us healthy and make sure that we don’t spread any germs to anyone.

We have been asked to close the school today apart from some children who have
parents who work in jobs and services that are really needed at the moment. For
those of you who will be at home, please make sure that you help your parents as
much as you can. They are marvellous and love you very much. When they ask you
to do some Home Learning- they are doing this to help you and support you. Please
don’t make it difficult for them. Take responsibility if you can, for looking at the
school website, your class Homework page and the Home Learning area and also
completing the Home Learning packs. There are lots of activities also in the packs
that you can do. The staff and I will keep in touch with you through the website and
through Teachers2Parents. There will be a weekly post from me on the Newsletter
area on the website.

Please read as much as you can during this time. Read with your family, read in
every room in the house, read outside, read online.

There are lots of changes happening and the world may seem very different at the
moment. Try not to worry. Try to keep positive, healthy and look after each other.
Remember Love One Another and God is with you at all times.

God Bless you all.
Bridget Parkinson (Headteacher)