We celebrated Mass on All Saints Day on Friday afternoon and managed to get all the children there and back without getting wet and in time for the end of the school day. The Catholic Ambassadors attended a Chaplaincy Day at St John the Baptist’s School. The new Catholic Ambassadors were commissioned by the Bishop. Mrs Austin supported the children in meeting other Chaplains and celebrating Mass. The Seeds and Gardeners’ Assembly was well attended and there is already lots of examples of Seeds and Gardeners developing supportive relationships in school. The Sacramental Programme is starting for children in Year 3. Please see below the important dates for meetings.

A big thank you to the PTFA please see back of the newsletter in regards to fundraising totals to help support the school CAFOD workshops took place in school as the children completed activities and learning around Pope Francis’ important message Laudato si’ (English: Praise Be to You) on care for our common home. The Fire Fighters visited Year 2 and Year 6 last week. However, there was great excitement as some of the crew had to depart early in response to a call out. Year 2 visited Townley Hall last week linked with their topic. We have several Open Days planned this week for children who may be attending our school in September. Today 4th Nov 9.30-10.30 and we also have 6th Nov 1.30-2.30, 7th Nov 4.00-5.00 available. Please come along if you have a child who is due to start school in September and want to visit our wonderful EYFS.

Parents Evening is planned for Monday 11th November. Please return the slips as soon as possible this week to enable your appointments to be made. This is a good opportunity for a short update on your child. Please note that if you require a longer meeting, please make this with the school Office for another day.

We will be asking for your views about the school and how we can improve at these meetings. The building project to re model some of the school is progressing well. The children have adapted very well to the adaptations that have been needed whilst the building takes place. Thank you to parents also who have been flexible and supportive when changes have been needed to pick up and drop off points.