Dear Parent/Carers,

Apologies for the notifications during the summer holidays – but this is an opportunity for the children at St Mary Magdalene’s. Figures from the Department of Education suggest that the gap could increase by as much as 75% amongst our most disadvantaged pupils across KS1-KS4. By September, some children will have gone nearly 6 months without input from a skilled professional. So, Stephen James and Anna Firth have set up a non-profit Community Interest Company to offer FREE Zoom Lessons delivered by qualified teachers from 10th August to 21st August 2020.

Although all online, unlike the Oak National Academy children will be able to interact with teacher to ask questions via the chat feature – feedback is such an important part of the teaching process, They feel this needed to be included. The safeguarding procedures will be just as robust as a bricks and mortar school including the safer recruitment of our ‘volunteer teachers’.  On top of this, parents and students will agree to terms and conditions before attending each lesson – we are also receiving direct support from the Department for Education to ensure that our safeguarding procedures are comprehensive. The person leading on safeguarding is also a trained Barrister.

A supporter of the project, Liz Carter who is Executive Head at The Federation of St Martin & Seabrook CEP Schools says: ”It is really beneficial for all children to continue their learning journey throughout the Summer, particularly those children who have not attended school.  As well as learning provided by schools, Invicta Pop Up Academy will provide some much-needed routine and consolidation of learning over to summer to get the children of Kent ready for September. I feel that any opportunities to keep learning alive and enable children to revise their previous learning is going to have huge benefits for their mental health, as well as their academic progress, come September”.

For more information please visit:

This is a free charitable, endeavor and we are sure this kind of positive community action is something that you can appreciate – serving the community is one of the reasons that we all got into teaching.

We hope you will take the time to have a look into this for your children.


St Mary Magdalene’s Staff