What are British Values?

St Mary Magdalene’s RC Primary school follows the Government’s PREVENT theme of the anti-terrorist strategy CONTEST and actively promotes British Values in line with this.

The British Values detailed in this are –


“Individual Liberty”,

“The Rule of Law”,

“Mutual Respect” and

“Tolerance of those with Different Beliefs and Faiths”.

All staff and students follow these values in everyday school life and ensure that they are embedded in the curriculum, so that staff are fulfilling the Personal and Professional Conduct sections of the Teaching Standards.  Examples of how our school community enforce these values can be found below.


• Students are elected through a fair electoral process for roles such as Catholic Ambassadors in Year 5 & 6 and all students have the right to apply for this post of responsibility.

• Student Council are involved in making decisions in school life and representatives from each class feed this back after meetings to ensure that everyone is involved in the decision-making process.

Individual Liberty

• There are  a range of extra-curricular groups are open to students in the school such as sports, games clubs, and library.

• In year 6 the children are encouraged to attend an off site residential activity weekend to strengthen team building, trying new activites, build self esteem and self confidence.  We also have a range of class trips thoughout the year for each class to promote out of class learning and broaden individual horizons.

• Pupils are encouraged to give their opinion in an appropriate manner in lessons time.

• Different choices of foods at school lunchtimes to promote healthy school boundaries.

Rule of Law

• Shared code of conduct in school for staff and pupils, reflected in our school’s mission statement – “Love one another as I have loved you”.

• School uniform is proudly worn and behaviour policy is known by all and available to read on our school website at any time.

• Staff and students are accountable for their actions in relation to their relevant policies and contracts.

Mutual Respect

• The school’s mission statement ensures that all students and staff know that they should “Value all”.

• There are clear expectations of behaviour and how all should treat those around them.

• There is a positive working environment to maintain respect for teachers and the work that they do, not only from students but from senior staff as well.

• Classroom code of conduct expects for all to be treated with respect and is enforced accordingly.

Tolerance of those with Different Faiths and Beliefs

• Observance of religious services and Masses.

• Acceptance of faith symbolism.

• Assemblies all have an element of faith in them, starting with a prayer and a hymn.

• Students and staff from non-Catholic faiths are granted religious holidays.

• Each classroom has a prayer table where students are welcome to worship in peace when they wish.