Another week has gone by and it was a pleasure to see a lot of you last Friday. Many in pyjamas I see but hopefully still continuing to work hard.

This week I have created a range of Maths and English activities for you to complete each day. In addition to your Maths problems and English task for the week.

Your English is to create a poem all about school; I will be choosing a range of these to be recorded for out leavers assembly.  Think of the steps to create a poem:

  1. Gather your ideas
  2. Collect rhyming words together
  3. Write your poem
  4. Edit – Does it make sense? Does it rhyme? Does it have a rhythm?

Maths Problems:

Day-5 Day-6


Can you create a list of dates and key events which happen in the Catholic calendar – How are you going to display this?

Extra Extra:

Y6 Activity Booklet