15.06.20: Virtual Learning

Well it’s the start of another adventure for me as I return to school this week.  Keep up the good work at home and I look forward to our Teams contact on Tuesday.

As usual you have a power point for Maths and English mental starters, MyMaths activities and some problem solving activities.

English 15.6                       Maths 15.6                                    Day-7                                Day-8 

English: (Class Assembly)                                                                                                                       This week I’d like you to write about your favorite memory of primary school.  Think about the language you want to use as well as the little details that made it so special.

Please also think about any additional ‘quirks’ you’d like to put into the assembly, as I say you’re the ones leaving – not me :).

Additional English:  y5.6_wk_7_hygiene_health_and_heroes

Additional:    On Sunday, 21st June, it’s Fathers Day.  This week I’d like you to think about all of your different male role models. Can you create a range of text types to tell me all about them. Profiles, news papers, biographies, posters etc.to tell me all about them, why they[‘re so special and what they mean to you.


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June 12, 2020