Easter activities

I have created a table of different activities that you can get up to over your half term holidays. Mix and match the activities but don’t forget to have breaks. Send me pictures through of what you have been getting up to if you wish.

Go on a colour hunt around your house. Can you find 3 red objects, 4 blue objects and 2 yellow objects? Have a look outside. What signs of spring can you see? Make and have a teddy bear picnic for your garden or your living room. Make a thank you card for the NHS
Make an Easter card. Make a den or a fort and read some of your book in there. Find and odd sock and make a sock puppet. Draw eyes, a mouth and a nose on it. What adventures does it get up to? Draw a spring picture. What things remind you of spring?
Write a letter to your neighbour or a family member that you haven’t seen for a while. Go on a egg hunt. Draw 6 pictures of eggs then ask someone in your family to hide them around your house. Then go find them! Tidy your bedroom- make sure all your toys have been put away and you’ve made your bed. Draw a picture of your garden.

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April 6, 2020