Home learning 06.07.20

Dear Parents

We’re nearly there!  Thank you for your continued support and hard work in providing so much help and support for your children.  I can see by all the photographs that your children have learned so much, academically, socially and through the outdoors too.

For the remaining two weeks we will continue to follow the same pattern of learning.  Please don’t hesitate to message me if you have any queries or need anything.  Please keep updated by reading the school newsletter as it includes important information about changes to how the school will communicate with you and end of year reports.

Best wishes

Mrs Graham 😊

Key Skills & Spellings

Year 2 Key Skills Timetable Summer 2

Year 2 Spellings Summer 2


Year 2 Please look after this bear



Year 2 English Grammar and Punctuation

Reading Comprehension

Year 1 – The Jumble Sale                                             The New Baby 1                                                          The New Baby 2

Year 2 – Transport 1                                                     Transport 2                                                                  Transport 3


Sorting – Year 2 – 6.7.20

Additional Resources 

Year 2

multiplication-grid-worksheet                                                         Place Value Card Game 30-06

Number of the Week Y2 Wk8                                                           Number of the Week Y2 Wk10

Place Value Card Game 30-06                                                          Sum Up 01-07

Year 1

Circle-the-Even-Numbers-Worksheet-5                                         Counting-up-in-2s-Worksheet-5

Counting-up-in-10s-Worksheet-5                                                    Missing-Numbers-to-50-Worksheet-5

Number of the Week Y1 Wk10                                                        number-bonds-quiz

Mrs Tupling



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July 3, 2020