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Spellings: Year 4 spellings summer 1

Spelling strategies: strategies

Letter to parents


Friday test with inverse half (50 questions)           Friday test with inverse (99 questions)

Resources for daily maths key skills:

Column Subtraction         Grid Multiplication TUxU        Ordering-Decimals Short Multiplication x6         Sorting Temperatures

Resources for daily grammar key skills:

simile activity         Matching metaphor       metaphor lesson       simile to metaphor        

Weekly english:

Year 4 Wk 4 The Abominables

Home Learning ideas LKS2:


Geography: The Amazon Rainforest

Differentiated Rainforest Layers Activity Sheet

Lesson Presentation Layers of the Rainforest

Which Layer Action Cards


Challenge cards guidance           Challenge cards           Grow a rainbow


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May 7, 2020