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Dear Parents,

The Key Skills Timetable (English section) has been revised and is posted below.  There are Maths resource sheets to download or simply copy the answers out onto paper.  Encourage your child to repeat every day so they develop greater accuracy and speed over time which will benefit them enormously.

There will also be daily Maths and English activities on My Maths and Purple Mash.  In addition, I have included English activities planned by the Literacy Team which include clips off You Tube to support the learning.  There are also additional Maths problems.  The children do not need to complete all the activities I have included these to provide variety.  There are also various English Comprehensions each week focusing on different skills.  Perhaps you could devise your own book review if you find a particularly good read.

I have included a section for some children who need further practise to consolidate Year 1 skills or for those who enjoy a challenge.  Also, there is work for the foundation subjects set by Mrs Tupling.   If you wish to send any audio or video clips of messages from your child to their friends, please send them to my email so I can upload onto the website.

Finally, I have included some information to support for teaching some of the Maths concepts.  This is from a website called Third Space.

If you need any more guidance please message me via Class Dojo or through my email.


Mrs Graham 😊

Year 2 Timetable Summer 1 updated

This ‘Maths at Home’ document is written by a teacher and outlines strategies to help support your child  using the four operations.  We use these methods in school so your child should be familiar with them.  The methods to learn spellings is also included

Maths at Home Support for Parents                                                   

Spelling Support for Parents

Resource Sheets

multiplication-grid-worksheet 2x,5x,10x

multiplication-grid-worksheet 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x

multiplication-grid-worksheet 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x


Maths Challenges

Pairs of Numbers

Biscuit Decorations

Maths Sheets to consolidate Year 1

Circle-the-Bigger-Number-Worksheet-3 (1)






English Lessons – alternative to Purple Mash

Year 2 – Wk 2 Roald Dahl Poetry

Comprehension Resources

There is a fiction and non-fiction text.  There are three different questions sheets of varying difficulty.  One star is easier than three stars.



Mrs Tupling

Wk3 Life Cycles


diary of a bean plant

diary of a sunflower

diary of a tadpole






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May 5, 2020