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Dear Parents

This is the last formal homework for this academic year.  A huge thank you for all your help and support throughout the year but especially since March.  You have done an amazing job supporting your children’s learning for such a sustained period.   🏅🥉🥈🥇   I hope you all have a wonderful summer and have a rest from so much teaching ………… but perhaps might still have enough enthusiasm and time to share a good book.  📗 📘  😊

For the summer your child’s new teacher will create an activity grid of fun and creative activities linked to the topics they will be learning in their new class in the Autumn Term.  Please visit the Year 3 page to access this. 😊

🌈Dear Children, what a wonderful bunch you are!  🏆 Mrs Tupling is a very lucky teacher to be moving up with you.  Have a great summer and have lots of fun with your families.

Take care of yourselves

Mrs Graham 🏃‍♀️🐓🦆🐑😺🐶


Key Skills          



Year 2 Spellings Summer 2                                                 Phase 5 Spellings Summer 2


Year 2 Wk 11 Zoo


Year 2 English Grammar and Punctuation                       Year-1-English-Grammar-and-Punctuation


Year 2       

Danny Moves House 1                       Danny Moves House 2                                       Danny Move House 3

Fairground 1                                        Fairground 2                                                         Fairground 3

Year 1      

The Post 1                                            The post 2


Add Sub- Year 2 – 13.7.20

Additional Resources 

Less-Than-or-Greater-Than                                                Missing-Numbers-50-to-100

Mixed-Addition-and-Subtraction                                      Multiplication-grid


Year 1 Consolidation Sheets 

Circle-the-Bigger-Number                                                Circle-the-Even-Numbers

Missing-Numbers-to-50                                                     Mixed-Addition-and-Subtraction


Mrs Tupling


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July 9, 2020