Home Learning – 15.06

Dear Parents,

Year 5 home learning will be slightly different for the coming weeks.

  • Tasks will still be set on Purple Mash and MyMaths but there will be a longer due date as these are not essential tasks
  • Daily skills are still a necessity – please ensure you have downloaded the correct timetable for your child, depending on which adult they worked with for Maths and English
  • Your child will now have 4 Maths and 4 English lessons to complete a week – the Maths lessons are from the BBC Bitesize website and videos are available to support your child

All downloadable links are listed below:

Daily skills for Mrs Duffy’s group

Daily Skills for Mrs Tupling’s group

Daily Skills for Miss Quadri’s group

Tasks for Mrs Duffy’s group

Tasks for Mrs Tupling’s group

Tasks for Miss Quadri’s group

Information about Eugene Clark

Information about Jane Austen and Gertrude Ederle

Information about Katherine Johnson

Please send photos of work on Class Dojo or my email.  Thank you


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June 14, 2020