Home learning 18th May

Please check the timetable for key skills your children should be practising. The timetable will allow you to set a routine for the children and their learning.  The timetable is set out over a typical morning, please feel free to alter it to suit your families needs. These skills are best revisited every week to develop the skills over time. The ‘afternoon’ is left free to complete some of the challenges below or for brain breaks. Please note the challenges are NOT mandatory– they are a bit of fun for the children hence why some of them are not always typical of a national curriculum objective.

I have set tasks on both Purple Mash and Mymaths. The Mymaths activities are not always linked to the key skills, I suggest you complete one a day. I will also add that some of the Purple mash activities are not always linked to the weekly key skills- again I suggest just completing one a day. I have set many tasks on Purple mash so that the children have the freedom to pick and chose their activities. Please do not feel that they must complete all that is set on their 2do list.

Year 1 Daily timetable updated 11th May 2020

Letter to parents & carers about online phonics lessons (1)

Please read the letter above for the new resources for phonics. The link for the youtube channel where the phonics videos will be posted is here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP_FbjYUP_UtldV2K_-niWw Please watch the daily phonics videos as part of the above timetable.


  • May is the month of Mary. Can you complete the Hail Mary?
  • Listen to ‘I dont want to wash my hands’ https://literacytrust.org.uk/family-zone/birth-4/watch-i-dont-want-to-wash-my-hands-and-get-a-free-little-princess-book/ and discuss with your family what it is about and why washing your hands is important.
  • Listen to this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71hqRT9U0wg how does it make you feel? I know that being stuck at home wasn’t what you expected and during these difficult times it can be hard to focus on the positives. Have a go at making a ‘happy jar’ for the instructions and send me your pictures of your happiness jar. ‘How to make a happiness jar’.
  • How long can you balance on one foot for? You cant hold onto anything! Lets see who can do it for the longest.
  • Complete a ‘worksheet a day’.


Resources to help with practising ‘key skills’.

I have over- resourced this section purely so that you can pick and chose. Please do not feel like all of these links need to be completed.

Literacy worksheets

Adding suffixes worksheet                                                                                Days of the week worksheet

Days of the week worksheet 2                                                                          Punctuating sentences worksheet 1

Punctuating sentences worksheet 2                                                                Capital letters worksheet

Capital letters worksheet 2                                                                               Handwriting practise 

Maths worksheets

Tens and ones worksheet                                                                                   Name the 2D shape worksheet

One more than worksheet 1                                                                              One more than worksheet 2 

One less than worksheet 1                                                                                 One less than worksheet 2

Mixed addition and subtraction calculations worksheet 1     Mixed addition and subtraction calculations worksheet 2

Counting to 100 worksheet 1                                                                              Counting to 100 worksheet 2

Addition and subtraction word problems

‘Worksheet a day’

Day 11                       Day 12                              Day 13                                   Day 14                                      Day 15


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May 15, 2020