Home learning 20th April

Hello all, I hope you have all had a lovely Easter break and taken time to relax in the sun- whilst it has been out.

Please login to Purple Mash and MyMaths weekly to see the tasks for this week. I have included a timetable of activities for you to look over which allow you to set a routine for the children and their learning.  The timetable is set out over a typical morning, please feel free to alter it to suit your families needs. The ‘afternoon’ is left free to complete some of the challenges below or for brain breaks. These skills are best revisited every week to develop the skills over time. These will be changed for the following term. I have also set some challenge activities which include learning about a book we should have been studying – Rumpelstiltskin, some geographical skills I would like the children to develop and a science problem. I will continue to answer any queries on My Maths, Purple Mash or through Class Dojo’s. Please click the link to see the key skills table.

Year 1 Daily Maths & English activities for Key Skills


  • Watch the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7rtIXfc1zA of the story of Rumpelstiltskin, can you retell the story in your own words? Can you create a story map to help you? Can you complete a character profile (describe a chosen character from the story)? Can you write a setting description (of the castle)?
  • Can you create an outfit for Miss Round to wear to a water fight? It needs to be strong and waterproof so that I don’t get wet. What materials could you use? Should you test it to make sure it is strong enough? How would you test it?
  • Draw a map of your house and your garden.
  • Miss Round has never been to Towneley as she isn’t from Burnley. Do some research about Towneley. Have you ever been there? Have you got any pictures of it? What things can you do there?
  • Chose a flower in your garden or whilst you are on your daily walk and draw it.

Keep up the amazing work. I am unbelievably proud of all your efforts with your home learning.

Stay safe

Miss Round


Click the links below for resources

Counting in 2s dot to dot

Counting in 2s to 60

2 X table sheet

Counting in 5s to 120

Counting in 5s cut and stick

5 X table sheet

Counting in 10s to 200

Counting in 10s maze

10 X tables sheet

Phase 3 sound mat

Phase 5 sound mat

Telling the time sheet –

Please note that some of the times on the sheet above read quarter past or quarter to. Ignore those- year 1 are not expected to read these. However if you are up for a challenge it is a good push to get them reading those but make sure they are secure with reading to the hour and half an hour first.


https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/ – link to phonics play



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April 17, 2020