Home learning 23.3.2020

Hello all please try to complete as much as possible from the list below for this week. If you are concerned or have any questions feel free to email me on the email that was sent out to you all.

  • Complete 1 of the phonics booklets.
  • Get active and join in with Joe Wicks ‘The body coach’ PE lesson every morning.
  • Practice your spellings for this week and pick 6 of them to write into sentences. Don’t forget to get your parents to test you on Wednesday!
  • Try to complete one ‘Gonoodle’ at least everyday to give yourself those brain breaks.
  • Create a fact file/ project about Islam or Judaism to present to the class. What can you find out about these religions? What are their beliefs?
  • See how far you can count in your 2s, 5s and 10s.
  • Learn how to read a clock to ‘half past’. Use this power-point to help. Then complete these worksheets; worksheet 1 and worksheet 2.
  • Use https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/ to play a few phonics games such as Obb and Bob.
  • Check out Purple Mash for your weekly ‘2do’ lists I will be setting tasks on there as much as possible.
  • Check Mymaths for weekly activities.
  • Finally if you want to be featured on the website take a picture of what you’re getting up to at home whether its art projects or completing the work set please feel free to send them to my email and I will create a place where you can see what everyone is getting up to in class.

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March 23, 2020