Home learning 27th April

Take a look at what the activities are for the fourth week of our home learning.

The same as last week -Please login to Purple Mash and MyMaths weekly to see the tasks for this week. I have included a timetable of activities for you to look over which allow you to set a routine for the children and their learning.  The timetable is set out over a typical morning, please feel free to alter it to suit your families needs. The ‘afternoon’ is left free to complete some of the challenges below or for brain breaks. These skills are best revisited every week to develop the skills over time. These will be changed for the following term. I have also set some challenge activities which include learning about a book we should have been studying – Rumpelstiltskin, some geographical skills I would like the children to develop and a science problem. I will continue to answer any queries on My Maths, Purple Mash or through Class Dojo’s. Please click the link to see the key skills table. I have changed it from last week just to update ‘daily phonics’ as a new online resource has become available starting from the 27th of April.

Year 1 Daily Maths & English activities for Key Skills

Letter to parents & carers about online phonics lessons (1)

Please read the letter above for the new resources for phonics. The link for the youtube channel where the phonics videos will be posted is here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP_FbjYUP_UtldV2K_-niWw Please watch the daily phonics videos as part of the above timetable.


  • Can you find a story from the Bible and retell it in your own words. You can use pictures/ props/ other family members to help.  You can retell it in any way you prefer whether that is in writing, story map, acting or a comic strip.
  • Send me a video of you reading part of a book.
  • Find different jugs/containers- can you make a potion? Which holds the most water? Which holds the least?
  • Write/ perform a weather report for a chosen day this week.
  • Make/bake something with an adult. Write the instructions out.


Follow the links below for extra resources/ work booklets

5 X table sheet

10 X table sheet

counting up in 10s

2 X table sheet

counting up in 2s

10 more and 10 less (please ignore the final sheet)

Adding 10 worksheet

Number bonds to 20

Writing numbers 0-10 in words 

Writing numbers 11-20 in words

Home learning booklet 

Money worksheet 1

Money worksheet 2

Money worksheet 3

Money worksheet 4

Money worksheet 5 

Reading the time to the hour

English Summer activity booklet

Handwriting practise 

Handwriting booklet

High frequency words- handwriting practise 

3D shapes booklet

2D shapes booklet

Number bonds to 5 booklet


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April 23, 2020