Home learning 29th June

Hello all, we are drawing a close to the end of the academic year at this point your children would normally be perfecting all the new skills they have gained during year 1. Therefore, for the last weeks of the term I have adapted the key skills table to include as many skills as possible (sorry parents!). It will be a great time to brush up on some things you know your child is struggling with therefore if you find that they are confident in one area and weaker in another please dedicate some of this time to really focus on these areas of weakness. I will try to provide as many resources as possible to support the skills however please do not feel like you have to print them all.

I will still provide the Lancashire English planning as well as topic ideas for the week.

Please note there are no challenges set for this week- as the key skills timetable will be quite intense. Please take any spare time to complete Art activities, exercise or well deserved family time.

I have set tasks on both Purple Mash and Mymaths. The Mymaths activities are not always linked to the key skills, I suggest you complete one a day. I will also add that some of the Purple mash activities are not always linked to the weekly key skills- again I suggest just completing one a day. I have set many tasks on Purple mash so that the children have the freedom to pick and chose their activities. Please do not feel that they must complete all that is set on their 2do list.

Key skills updated 29th June

Lancashire English planning

Topic planning

Letter to parents & carers about online phonics lessons (1)

Please read the letter above for the new resources for phonics. The link for the youtube channel where the phonics videos will be posted is here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP_FbjYUP_UtldV2K_-niWw Please watch the daily phonics videos as part of the above timetable.


Resources to help with key skills


Please note for the reading comprehensions there are quite a few pages, the texts and questions are differentiated so you will find it starts with the first sheet as the first level and gradually building up. Therefore I am not expecting all the texts to be read in the one document, just chose one level please.

Reading comprehension 1                                                                                                  Reading comprehension 2 

Reading comprehension 3                                                                                                 Grammar and punctuation test 1

Grammar and punctuation test 2                                                                                     Handwriting practise

Dictation sheet for parents to read                                                                                  Dictation sheet for children to complete

Phase 3 sound mat                                                                                                               Phase 5 sound mat

Tricky words phase 2-5


Counting in 10s                                                                                                                  Counting in 2s

Counting in 2s                                                                                                                    Counting in 5s

Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s                                                                                               2D shapes

3D shapes                                                                                                                           Addition word problems

Subtraction word problems                                                                                          Division and multiplication word problems

Number bonds                                                                                                                 Number bonds

Money                                                                                                                                Money

Money                                                                                                                               10 more and 10 less

1 more and 1 less                                                                                                           Doubling and halving 

Subtraction and addition




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June 26, 2020