Home Learning (Summer Term)

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your Easter ‘break’ and are ready for some learning. Just because you’re at home the world doesn’t stand still and time for learning doesn’t stop.

To support this I have created a timetable of morning activities. Many of these we’ll have done before in class and are to get your brain working. Please try and stick to these every morning and be adventurous when it comes to you choosing your numbers and own vocabulary!

Summer Term Timetable

Maths Problems – Have a go at one of these a week 🙂

Comprehension Challenge: The-Cave The Cave Questions 2 The Cave Questions 1

African Project – Africa Overview

Challenge – Write a message to your friends in braille that I can post online for them to read.

Continue to work hard, stay safe, give yourself a break and keep in touch!


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April 17, 2020