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These spellings are for children in Mr Beattie’s Spelling Group                                    Y2 Spellings Summer 1

These spellings are for children working in Mrs Graham’s Spelling Group                KS1 Spellings Summer 1

Letter to Parents

Resources for Daily Key Skills

2-x-Table-Worksheet-3                                                             2-x-Table-Worksheet-4                 

5-x-Table-Worksheet-3                                                             5-x-Table-Worksheet-4

10-x-Table-Worksheet-3                                                          10-x-Table-Worksheet-4             

 Division-Times-Table—5-Worksheet-1                                Division-Times-Table—5-Worksheet-2      

Ordering-Numbers-to-99-Largest-First-Worksheet-1       Less-Than-or-Greater-Than-Worksheet-2

Comprehension Activities


5  Bean bag buckets (1)                  6 Crossword (1)                     7 Gold bars (1)                               8 Ride at the fair (2)

Year 1 Consolidation Maths Sheets

Adding-10-Worksheet-1                                            Addition-to-10-Worksheet-1                          Addition-to-20-Worksheet-2    

Circle-the-Bigger-Number-Worksheet-1                  Circle-the-Even-Numbers-Worksheet-1   

Counting-up-in-2s-Worksheet-1                                 Counting-up-in-10s-Worksheet-1                  

Missing-Numbers-to-20-Worksheet-1                      One-Less-Than-Worksheet-1    

Mrs Tupling’s Activities

all about me rainbow – adjectives                                                                      All about rainbows

experiment write up                                                                                             how to grow a rainbow

rainbow poster paper x2                                                                                     rainbow simile poem

rainbow to 10


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April 24, 2020