Homework 6th November

Phonics homework


Hello all, this weeks homework is based around feedback from the half term homework. When looking through the homework in class we noticed that some of us were getting confused with sound buttons, especially on those phase 4 phonics mats. We have been over this when looking at homework as well as in our phonics sessions. As we are looking at ‘phase 4’ within the ‘Letters and Sounds’ phonics scheme its all about learning ‘blends and clusters’. That may make no sense to some of you so in simple terms it is noticing how two or more consonants can be next to each other and how we blend those sounds. For example in the word ‘from’ there are four different sounds in the word ‘f’, ‘r’, ‘o’ and ‘m’, however the first two sounds blend together. Therefore the word ‘from’ would need to have four sound buttons. Phase 4 is such a funny phase and so different compared to phase 2,3 and 5 however its a really important phase for them to grasp before they progress onto phase 5.

Therefore for homework I am asking that you chose 5 words a day, read them with your child, put sound buttons underneath, go over the meaning and even try to get them in a sentence (don’t forget to remind them they need capital letters, full stops and finger spaces- it drive Miss Round ‘bananas’ when she see a sentence without them). Please use the link below for examples of words I would like you to use (please don’t print it all- just write them out on a piece of paper/whiteboard).

Examples of words 





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November 6, 2020