Blended Learning week beginning 8th February 2021

Dear Parents

Thank you for all your support this half term.  Here is the final week of planning.  We have included plans to support live teaching for Maths and English.  There is also planning for self-directed teaching for foundation subjects taught in the afternoons.

Class Timetable 08.02.21

Maths Weekly Planning

08.02.21 Mild Maths Task                          08.02.21 Spicy Maths Task                       08.02.21 Hot Maths Task

09.02.21 Mild Maths Task                          09.02.21 Spicy Maths Task                      09.02.21 Hot Maths Task

English Weekly Planning

Neil Armstrong Fact Sheet – Early Life

Neil Armstrong Fact Sheet – Pilot Career

Neil Armstrong Fact Sheets – Gemini VIII and Apollo 11

RE Weekly Planning

Science Weekly Planning

Friday is ‘Fabulous Friday’.  There is no online or self-directed learning but an opportunity for you to have a fabulous day to spend with your family.

Best wishes

Mrs Graham & Miss Taylor


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February 7, 2021