Year 2 Homework Friday 11th December

Dear Parents

This week’s homework is a piece of writing.  In class we have been writing What an I? riddles and letters.  I wonder if we can combine the two?  Please write a letter to Father Christmas – you may already have sent one so you will have a good ideas of what you asked for.

Your will need to include some of the following skills:

The correct layout of a letter: address, date, greeting, first paragraph – why you are writing, second paragraph – what you would like and why you think you should get your chosen gifts, third paragraph – what you would like to happen and sign off.

Proper nouns (these require a capital letter): Father Christmas (names), Barbie (objects), 25 Holly Crescent (places).

Commas used in a list: I would like a Barbie doll, chocolate selection box and a PS5.

Noun phrases: adjective / noun to add detail: large teddy, fluffy pyjamas.

Finally, could you include a What am I? riddle for Father Christmas to solve?  He receives so many letters I think he’d enjoy to read something a little different.

Many thanks

Mrs Graham & Miss Taylor


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December 13, 2020