Year 2 Homework Friday 16th October

Dear Parents

Thank you for the fabulous ‘nature art’ pieces of homework last week – they were really creative and also for uploading pictures of reading records.  Weekly homework will be uploaded onto the website and also onto Teams where it can be completed online.  The children will be shown how to complete their homework on Teams in class and a step by step help sheet will be available for parents to follow.

As we come to the end of our work on canals, we have been thinking about pollution and how to preserve the canal areas.  Next week, we will be writing a persuasive piece to implore that people look after our canals and waterways, tidy up after themselves, and recycle.
Your homework this week all relates to pollution and recycling, as follows:
The above are various games to play online relating to pollution and recycling.
Use the 2 above websites from the Canals and River Trust to create a poster to raise awareness of pollution in our canals and how to stop it.
Read this news article and watch the video in it, which shows a canal clean up happening.
Read and complete the 1, 2 or 3 star (tricky, trickier, trickiest) reading comprehension on plastic pollution.
Best wishes
Miss Taylor and Mrs Graham

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October 15, 2020