Dear Parent/Carers,

I can’t believe it is the month of May. The month of May is dedicated to The Blessed Virgin Mary. The entire month falls within the liturgical season of Easter, which is represented by the liturgical colour white — the colour of light, a symbol of joy, purity and innocence.

These words always remind me of children. But currently our world is surrounded by Rainbows. We were pleased to send Rainbows made by children to the wards at Blackburn this week, after a Key Worker parent asked for our help. See the pictures on the website, below this post. Oliver’s mum said thank you very much. I have also included a poem at the end of this newsletter titled The ‘Rainbow Children’ which is poignant but hopeful and a clear message that we will get through this difficult time and hopefully learn from it in many ways.

Some lovely news too from Harvey in Year 6. The family have welcomed a new addition to the Family. Mum has given birth to a little boy so we send our congratulations to them. It is the 100th Birthday of Captain Tom Moore this week who has raised over £30 million for the NHS. So congratulations also to him. Everything is possible with true grit and determination!

Normally at this time of the year, we would be planning School Masses around Mary, our Mother and also preparing for SATs. Instead we are doing rather different things. Have a look at the School website and make sure that you have joined in with the Class Dojos. There are some amazing things happening and well done to parents who have taken on the role of teachers as well as all the other hats you wear! I would be interested to know if it has encouraged any of you to become a teacher?

Mrs Graham and Mr Sher are busy with a Parent Questionnaire which will be available soon on the School website. As you are aware, the new School Website was launched just before Lockdown as we were all just getting used to it. It has become a real asset now, but we would like to know your views and your comments about the Home Learning so that we continue to improve and adapt. Mr Sher is also working with Mrs Graham on launching a new and exciting initiative. Mr Sher is very happy to discuss this project and his website business with other schools and interested parties. His contact details are on the attached poster.

We continue to be asked by parents about school re-opening. I am also aware that some employers are asking parents to return to work and we have had a number of enquiries about children accessing the Emergency Provision. We currently have approximately 10% of the children attending the Emergency Provision. We have a number of staff who are shielding and therefore the capacity for staffing is reduced. The guidance remains the same that the safest place for your children is to stay at home and if this is at all possible, then please make these arrangements. The more children we have in and the more staff, the greater the risk. We are currently making plans when we are directed to open the school to more children. However, we anticipate that this will be a phased opening. We have to consider the staff to children ratio, social distancing and balance the risks carefully.

As soon as there is further guidance, we will inform you of the plan. But in the meantime, please remember that the current provision is Emergency Provision only for children of Key Workers, who are unable to make other arrangements, and for vulnerable families. We will be asking for letters/shift patterns from places of work. Thank you to those parents who have already provided those and who have worked with the school to make arrangements regarding the Emergency provision. Thank you also to all parents who are keeping your children at home and working hard to access the Home Learning platforms. Please contact school or class teachers if you need additional support.

Please continue to keep an eye on the school website as we are regularly posting new items. LPDS TV has been devised for teachers, parents and children, offering short and simple tips, games and activities to keep children engaged with home learning. Each episode lasts around 10 minutes and will be available for free on the Learning Excellence YouTube channel and Facebook page on a weekly basis. Home Learner’s Headteacher Awards for week commencing 23rd April. Look out for their photographs on the school website!

Home Learner’s Headteacher Awards for week commencing 20th April. Look out for their photographs on the school website.

R – Abigail Shanks
1 – Reggie Worden
2 – Oliver Boden
3 – Ruby Worden
4 – Josie Taylor
5 – Vito Townsend
6 – Aoifa O’Brien

Keep safe and keep praying for all those in need; all the Key workers, all the families in isolation and of course for those who are sick. Read the 5 verses of the Rainbow Children Poem below. These are your children!

God Bless,

Bridget Parkinson (Headteacher)

The Rainbow Children (Gemma Peacock)

The history books will talk of now,
That time the world stood still.
When every family stayed at home,
Waved out from windowsills-
At those they loved but could not hold,
Because they loved them so.
Yet, whilst they did they noticed all the flowers start to grow.

The sun came out, they can recall,
And windows, rainbows filled.
They kicked a football in their yards,
Until the night drew in.
They walked each day but not too close,
That time the world stood still.
When people walked straight down the roads,
That once the cars did fill.

They saw that people became ill,
They knew the world was scared.
But whilst the world stood still they saw,
How much the whole world cared.
They clapped on Thursdays from their doors,
They cheered for the brave.
For people who would risk their lives,
So others could be saved.

The schools closed down, they missed their friends,
They missed their teachers so.
Their Mums and Dads helped with their work,
They helped their minds to grow.
The parents used to worry that,
As schools were put on hold,
Their children wouldn’t have the tools,
They’d need as they grew old.

But history books will talk of them,
Now adults, fully grown.
Those little boys and girls back then,
The ones who stayed at home.
They’ll tell you that they fixed this world,
Of all they would fulfil.
The RAINBOW children building dreams,
They’d dreamed whilst time stood still.

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