Dear Parents/Carers

In the event of an unavoidable school closure, we are sending home Learning packs and an exercise
book and pencil. The children should also have logins and passwords for various resources. We
have completed an ICT access survey at school, and we know that some children do not have regular
internet access or access to gadgets. In addition, we are regularly advised about limiting children’s
screen time. We have therefore also ordered some CGP Books that we are hoping to arrive this
week. There is a separate order form for these. We would ask that parents purchase these as an
additional resource as we are uncertain of the length of potential closure at this time. Once the orders
and payments are in, the CGP books can be distributed from school. (If school is closed, we will
hopefully arrange a timed opening where resources can be picked up)
Please try to ensure that your child completes these activities at home and continues to access the
resources that we will post on the website There will be two areas on the
website that you can access resources.

Home Learning: a generic area with website links that can be accessed for free.
Homework: Each class teacher will be posting work for their class each week.
If some of the learning platforms are not working effectively or we need to add to the resources that
we have provided, we will look at providing alternative platforms e.g. or dojos. We
would use the most recent parent e mail address that has been given to school. Please contact
school on Teachers2Parents app today if you do not wish for this email to be used.
Thankyou for your cooperation during these very challenging times. We will be keeping the lines of
communication open through Teachers2parents and the School website. Please make sure that you
can access these services.

We keep everyone in our community in our prayers This is certainly a time when we can fulfil our
Mission statement of “Love One Another” as we share and care for each other, particularly the elderly
and vulnerable.

Bridget Parkinson