Year Two

We are the ‘Bright stars’. Stars light up the night sky and their brightness is determined by how much power it has. We are a powerful class that have overcome so many hurdles that have been thrown at us. Look at the past two years! Watch us shine bright this year!





 My name is Miss Round and I am the Year 2 Class and SENco at St Mary Magdalene’s’. I have worked at the school for a while now and have never experienced a family like St Mary Magdalene’s. Martin Luther said that ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world’ and I truly stand by this. My classroom is an environment where everything is a learning process, mistakes are made and celebrated and challenges are welcomed. The stars are the limit!  


– Miss Round


Our Class


Extracurricular Activities

If children have earrings in on P.E. days they will not be able to take part in P.E. that day.

Children who have earrings in must either; not wear them on P.E. days or be able to take them out themselves.   Staff are not allowed to take them out or tape them over.

Wearing earrings in P.E. represents a potential hazard not only to the wearer but also to other children. Medical advice confirms that jewellery worn in physical education lessons is an unnecessary risk and should be avoided at all times – a risk we at St Mary Magalene’s are not prepared to take whilst your children are on school premises/in our care.   Serious accidents have occurred as a result of contact between pupils wearing earrings or studs and other pupils or equipment, thus damaging the ear, or where items of jewellery have caught in apparatus and torn the ear lobe.    Thank you for your support and understanding in this matter.


 In Year 2, Key Stage 1 SAT’s will take place during May. Though this may seem a long way off, in reality the children need to prepare now to be ready for the assessments and tests they will undertake. READ MORE



Our News & Activities


Year 2 Postcards

Year 2 Postcards

The children in Year 2 have been creating their own postcards to send messages to their friends in class and at home.  Our first postcard is from Chloe to everyone in Year 2.                

Homework & Home Learning

Homework & Home Learning

Here are some pictures of the fabulous homework you have completed linked to our topic ‘Habitats’.  There is also a celebration of reading – can you send a picture of you reading your favourite book?