Dear Parents welcome to Year 4’s ‘Blended Learning’ page. 

We aim to combine a variety of live sessions, pre-recorded sessions and self-directed activities to provide some flexibility.  We will share our timetable with you each week which will indicate what is being taught and how it will be delivered.  In addition, a range of self-directed activities will be included.  These are for children to complete once formal teaching has been completed each day.  Mr Johnson will also share a range of PE activities for children to complete.   

Planning and resource sheets will be uploaded onto the Year 4 Blended Learning page each week.  They will also be uploaded onto Teams in ‘Cohort 2016’ using ‘Channels’ for each subject.  Children’s work completed needs to be uploaded onto Class Dojo or Teams.  Spellings will be shared for the half term and will continue to be tested each Friday

Please click up on the link below for each week’s ‘Blended Learning’.  If you have a any queries please don’t hesitate to ask.