blended LEARNING


Hi All 

We are using Microsoft Teams as our platform for online learning. Each day, new information will be posted in the Teams Channels to support the weekly timetable. 

On Teams, using the teams tab, the Year 5 group is called Cohort 2015.  

Clicking this will reveal a number of ‘channels’ such as Maths, English, Topic etc.  

Through these channels, messages will be posted and relevant documents the children may need can be found. 

Most information and important updates will be shown by joining the daily meeting and seeing the shared screen to keep us connected with the daily activities.  

We are doing some live lessons, some independent or semi-independent with directions on how to access the materials needed and some group work or 1:1, along with ideas for other self-led activities to do once our main meeting finishes at 2pm. 

Although some will listen to the beginning of the lesson and then ‘leave’ to complete their work, teachers and teaching assistants are listening and available throughout for ongoing support.  

Wherever possible, when an assignment is set, work should be completed using the assignments tab. Children will be kept informed about which pieces of work are set this way. It is the best way for us to view the work and give feedback where needed. When work is done in books, we would love the children to send us a picture on class dojo. It is not always easy to read due to fuzzy graphics etc, but it will help for us to keep a record of the work completed that way. We hope the children will learn to do this themselves, as they grow in independence and taking responsibility, so they don’t need to ask too much for parents to support them 

Independent work should be completed thoughtfully so that it is good quality, high standard that uses the skills we are capable of or attempting to improve. If you have any difficulties or questions, please get in touch so that we can do our best to help.