Year Six

Welcome to Class 6, The Champions and the gardeners to our amazing seeds (The Reception children). When entering the classroom, children are aware they are ambassadors with lots of responsibilities and challenges. Every child has the potential to succeed and become a Champion in whatever they thrive in, whether it be at English, Maths, PE, RE or anything they can put their minds to. In Year 6, every child has the opportunity to flourish and reach their potential, by receiving the support and guidance they need to excel. We promote our Catholic Ethos to ‘Love One Another’ throughout our class so our Champions can act as role models to others and ensure God is always at the heart of their journey.



 My name is Mrs Robinsworth and I am the Year 6 Class Teacher.

When I was a child and asked what I wanted to be when I grow up, it was always a teacher. I was influenced by those around me who inspired and supported me to help my dreams come true. I accept any challenge put in front of me and will encourage children in my class to do the same, helping them to achieve their goals and overcome any problems they face to become Champions. This will help them and ensure they’re ready for their transition to high school to take on the next part of their journey. 😊


– Mrs Robinsworth


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Extracurricular Activities

If children have earrings in on P.E. days they will not be able to take part in P.E. that day.

Children who have earrings in must either; not wear them on P.E. days or be able to take them out themselves.   Staff are not allowed to take them out or tape them over.

Wearing earrings in P.E. represents a potential hazard not only to the wearer but also to other children. Medical advice confirms that jewellery worn in physical education lessons is an unnecessary risk and should be avoided at all times – a risk we at St Mary Magalene’s are not prepared to take whilst your children are on school premises/in our care.   Serious accidents have occurred as a result of contact between pupils wearing earrings or studs and other pupils or equipment, thus damaging the ear, or where items of jewellery have caught in apparatus and torn the ear lobe.    Thank you for your support and understanding in this matter.


As you may be aware, in Year 2, Key Stage 1 SAT’s will take place during May. Though this may seem a long way off, in reality the children need to prepare now to be ready for the assessments and tests they will undertake. READ MORE



READ MORE on blended learning guidelines and details of resources to download.

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Spring Term

Spring Term

Please find attached the Spring parent overview which outlines what the Year 6 students will be covering this term. Although learning is slightly different at the moment, we will do our upmost to continue the learning to the highest standard. Children are also given...

Year 6 Yearly Overview

Year 6 Yearly Overview

Please find attached the Year 6 Overview which states the coverage in each subject over the year. Year 6 Curriculum Overview